What's Included?

Clearance Testing: $175

The post remediation inspection is based on the following four (4) conditions.

1. Absence of visible dust and debris within the containment/affected areas.
2. Absence of visible fungal growth within the containment/affected areas.
3. Moisture content of building materials less or within the referenced readings for drywall and plaster, and below or within 15% for wooden substrate within the contained work area(s).
4. Similarity of non-viable and viable airborne spores inside the room(s)/area(s) when compared to outdoor samples based on both the total spore count and the hierarchy of spores detected.

If all four (4) of these conditions are met, then the fungal remediation efforts are considered acceptable (passes) and no further action is recommended. If any of the criteria are not met, then the fungal remediation efforts are considered unacceptable (fails) and further action is recommended.

NCET will issue a clearance testing letter stating the results of the clearance test as well as provide our client with the independent laboratory report.

Samples: $95 each