What's Included?

Full Interior & Exterior Pretest Inspection: $245

NCET will perform a full inspection. This includes the use of several analytical tools (as deemed necessary) to aid in the inspection process including a thermal imaging camera, a video borescope, and a moisture meter.

NCET will perform air samples and/or surface samples within the subject property (actual sample type will be determined by what is called for by the specific situation). These indoor samples will be sent to an EMLAP certified independent laboratory where the mold species and the spore count present in the samples will be determined. This data will be compared to an outside sample collected to determine if fungal contamination present within the subject property.

NCET will provide a final report which includes a detailed account of the inspection with photographs as well as the microbial results of the air samples. This report will also include detailed remediation recommendations (if mold remediation is deemed necessary). The final report will be delivered within two business days after the site visit.

Samples: $95 each