Mold Scams

There are companies that offer discounted testing in order to get their foot in the door and unfortunately it seems that once they get their foot in the door and gain your trust they are then free to test, create a scope of work, and ultimately even clear the project after the alleged fungal contamination is eliminated. Whether there ever was an issue serious enough to warrant remediation or whether the issue was eliminated is any one's guess. There often times seems to be a bait in switch aspect as well. Because often times a small issue that is identified becomes larger once contracts are signed. While the work is being performed additional tests are taken for free and what do you know additional contamination is found! Of course this increases the scope of work that is necessary and thus increases the bill.

Unfortunately, NCET has been called in on too many of these jobs as consumers eventually realized something was fishy. Some of the time we could not find any evidence that fungal contamination exists or ever existed. Other times the laboratory results from our sampling completely refute the results that came from this other company. In the worst cases consumers have paid thousands of dollars for large remediation projects only to find out after the fact that the clearance tests results that were provided to show the fungal contamination has been eliminated was not worth the paper it was printed on. In these cases the consumers were unfortunately left to essentially start over at square one.

Some of these companies have gone as far as to create fake laboratories in an attempt to show the samples were analyzed by an independent 3rd party. A small bit of internet research quickly provides the evidence that a legitimate company probably should have at the least a physical location.

When you're dealing with something as serious as the health effects associated with exposure to the mycotoxins produced by indoor mold growth, you really need to hire a knowledgeable legitimate company.

Tips to avoid scams:

#1 If the company does both mold testing and mold remediation STAY AWAY!

#2 Does the company have a physical address? If not, STAY AWAY!

#3 Does the company send your samples to a fully certified independent laboratory? If not, STAY AWAY!

#4 Verify the companies certification(s). Find out what organization they are certified through and verify that information.