We're here to help you. Indoor mold contamination is serious and the resulting health effects from exposure can be terrible. You need a company that has your best interests in mind combined with the experience and tools to effectively handle the job.

Almost as big a problem as some of the scammers in the industry is the vagueness of some of the reports. Any legitimate mold testing company can identify through testing if indoor fungal contamination exists within your home or business. The disconnect occurs when you need to find out why the contamination is there and how to properly eliminate the contamination. NCET has been called in to give a second opinion on various projects over the years pertaining to homes, schools, daycare centers, churches, etc. On some of these projects there were fairly serious mold contamination issues. We have been horrified by some of the initial reports that were issued by other testing companies that recommended "air scrubbing" and "surface cleaning" for serious contamination issues where rooms needed to be, in some cases, stripped down to the studs.

One of the essential roles of the testing company is to create an accurate scope of work if indoor fungal contamination exists. Absent an accurate scope of work remediation companies will not be able to provide accurate bids. Also if remediation companies follow inaccurate scopes of work the post remediation clearance test will probably not pass.

NCET promises to provide our client's with a detailed report that goes much further than merely discussing a problem that you already knew existed.