Mold Testing

If you live in Larkspur. Whether you're a homeowner, buyer/seller, realtor, tenant, landlord, or contractor NCET will assist you with your fungal contamination issues.

Many Larkspur residents find that indoor fungal contamination exists has already been established. In these cases clients need to determine why it exists, what strands of mold are present, what levels they are present in, how widespread the contamination is, and finally they need help to establish a scope of work for the proper handling of the situation.

Other times Larkspur residents have been experiencing what they believe to be mold exposure related health issues. There may be little to no evidence that a mold issue exists within the subject property. In these scenarios it is extremely important to inspect the subject property thoroughly and to employ all available analytical tools in order to discover any elevated moisture issues that are allowing mold to grow.

There are many other scenarios that occur in which mold testing is a good idea. Sometimes just having the peace of mind that indoor fungal contamination does not exist within your home or business is quite a relief. Whatever the scenario is that has led you to Nor Cal Environmental Testing, rest assured that we are equipped to determine the indoor fungal contamination status of your home, office, school, or other commercial building in Larkspur.

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