Conflicts of Interest

The mold testing and mold remediation industries should be completely separate. Although California does not regulate the mold industry at present the states that do regulate mold require mold testing and mold remediation to be performed by separate companies.

It really is a huge conflict of interest for someone to perform tests with the knowledge that if the final result indicates fungal contamination then that individuals company stands to make a great deal more money on the mold remediation side of the business.

It also creates an unfair playing field, even if the consumer is wise enough to solicit additional remediation bids once an issue has been identified. The new mold remediation company is going to bid in large part based on the report provided by their competitor. This is somewhat unfair because it may be difficult to bid if the report is left intentionally vague or if important observations are not disclosed for competitive advantage purposes.

Also keep in mind that the companies that perform both testing and remediation are very skilled in the presentation and sales side of things. In reality most consumers do not end up soliciting additional bids because of how the consumer gets steered through the process.

It's been said that having a single company perform both the mold testing and mold remediation is a bit like having the fox guard the hen house. It just makes the most sense to have an independent company perform testing, send the samples to an independent and fully accredited laboratory, and if remediation is deemed necessary then for the consumer to solicit multiple bids from legitimate mold remediation companies. Finally after the remediation is complete to have the contaminated areas clearance tested by a company independent of the remediation company.

NCET expects that mold will be regulated by California at some point hopefully soon and when that does occur this will be the law anyway.